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Keith DiPrima


About Keith DiPrima

Keith DiPrima is a professional, entrepreneur, and sports enthusiast based in Weddington, NC. He owns First Restoration America, a family-run business specializing in helping homes and companies to recover from all sorts of damages.

First Restoration America has been up and running for over two decades and has been in the Charlotte Metro area since 2010. With Keith DiPrima at the helm, this family business handles restoration following accidents, disasters, and emergencies within homes and businesses. Since the company is family-run, they are entirely sympathetic to how exhausting and costly it can be to recover from these incidents. They aim to help their customers get back on their feet and move forward. The family has been in this business longer than the company, showing their depth of experience in the field. Hence their ability to support families and companies alike through this trying time. 

Interestingly, First Restoration America utilizes the latest technology to help achieve its goals. This includes investing in structural drying tech to the latest software (which helps them produce accurate estimates and more). By embracing these developments as they arise, Keith DiPrima and his company can ensure the highest level of care. Better yet, they can offer unique insight and a willingness to try new things. This is a lesson more companies should embrace, as stagnation can be unhealthy in any industry. First Resortation America can work with insurance companies to yield the best results and has proven a willingness to fight for its clients. Visit the website to learn more.

Helping others find restoration and comfort is not the only passion Keith DiPrima has in life. For a long time, Keith DiPrima was a professional hockey player. He played on the world stage and professional inline. Keith played with the Empire State Legends, with his scores and records readily available online for any who would like further details. Through hockey, Keith DiPrima learned about the importance of working with a team. While some may look to the sport and see only action and violence, Keith sees a strong community held together through mutual respect and shared interests. Hockey can provide an excellent community for those that need it – adults and children alike. 

Friends and family have always been a focus for Keith DiPrima. Keith is a family man at heart, and running a family business helps to drive this point home. Everything he does is to ensure their lives are healthy and happy. Through them, Keith has learned about kindness and stepping up to help others when they need it the most. They motivate him to become a better person, which he is grateful for daily. Keith DiPrima has been married for twenty-four years and still wakes up every morning thinking he is the luckiest person alive. The simple truth is that Keith DiPrima is a huge believer in having goals and striving to be a better person. He believes we should always support and encourage others – especially our family. 

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